Frequently Asked Questions

NC Photography is a small (yet growing) photography business based around Tamworth, UK. We have been doing photography since 2016; from there, we have started services such as Wedding Photography, Party Photography and Website Development alongside the sales of products on our Facebook page. We are always improving and developing our style of photography, why not join our clients?
If you're reading this then we're glad you think so! Whilst you may have been discouraged from buying our services because of the price, we can assure you that the prices do not even slightly reflect the level of quality you receive from us. To put it as simply as possible, we don't see the point in charging you an arm and a leg for our services; we're a small company with big dreams, so why charge our clients a fortune? Whilst, yes, if we charged you what most other photography companies charge, we would have more camera equipment and lenses, but from our 5 star rating on Facebook, it's safe to say that we don't need it!
We do a healthy dose of everything, and there is still much more to come! We specialise in Wedding, Event and Party photography. We are also available for other photographic needs and we produce a range of other photographic products. In the upcoming future, we are expected to have some interesting additions to our packages and services so keep your eyes peeled!
We are a team of two but we always get the job done. Nick, our lead photographer and executive director of NC Photography, handles the key part of our photography and is the individual who meets you for your enquiries and pre-event consultations. Zack handles most of the behind-the-scenes content (such as the website you're currently on!) and is mostly found helping Nick at events
It depends what for, we usually happily go up to 40 miles before we charge extra (when looking at Photobooths for example)
The chances are that we have; although as our client list is always increasing, we are always shooting at new areas, but rest assured we will arrive at the venue early so we can ensure that your images come out perfect! We conduct thorough venue visits in advance of your wedding day to ensure we get the technicalities such as lighting down to a T.
We usually capture photos to best suit your needs; though they're always Pinterest worthy, we capture modern and traditional photos that are not just fun, but unique!
We always shoot in Colour; however, if you wish for us to have Black & White Photos, we will produce those for you in a seperate folder during post-production
Yes! As of July 2018, we accept card payments for no extra fee
Our accepted payment methods are credit/debit cards, cash, cheque, bank transfer and PayPal
We usually ask for a non-refundable £100 deposit for your event, this secures the photographer's availability for your day and enables us to move forward with your booking
For Wedding Photography, your final balance must be settled 60 days before your wedding, for any other events including Magic Mirror hire, Party Photography or Event Photography, please pay your final settlement 28 days before your event
Of course you can, at our meeting, please mention that you would like to pay in installments and we will set up a payment plan for you
Of course! We love it when a couple have new ideas, we recommend that you look at Pinterest for inspiration and ideas, you can also use this to find your preferred style
After the wedding, you will be given a USB of all the images which have been lightly retouched, we will usually post a few of our favourites on our Facebook page (if you wish for us to)
This depends on many factors: how many hours you have booked us for and which parts of your day we are photographing, we tend to take between 2000 and 3000 at the average wedding but of course, when we have been through and deleted duplicates, deleted blurred photos and edited the rest, you can expect anywhere between 400 and 1000 images
Yes, yes and yes! We back-up through out the day and once we get home, we back up through both physical and cloud storage. The power of back-up!
This has never happened to us yet (touch wood); however, we always have spare equipment just incase
We guarantee 8 weeks but we aim to have them delivered between 4 and 6
Absolutely not, we appreciate that you are already spending a fortune on your day, so don't feel obliged to. If you want to, we would be very grateful; of course, it is entirely your decision. Just inform us beforehand if you are not going to feed us so we can come prepared with our own food.
Again, this has never happened and we would both have to be hospitalised to not attend your special day, which would be very unlikely; however, if this did happen then we would use our network of photographers to find you a suitable replacement; or, if you find your own, we will offer you a full refund. Full details can be found in our Terms and Conditions.
To book, get in touch and if you like what we offer then you will be required to sign a contract and pay your deposit of £100 (non-refundable) which secures the photographer's availability for your wedding day.
This depends on the package you have chosen.
They are big. Very big. You can make very large prints from them. If you aren't ordering the prints through us, please ensure that you are using a good quality printing service to get the most out of your photos.
Yes, we do albums, prints and canvases, not to mention other photographic products, they are the best quality possible; see our packages for details.
Absolutely, we issue a right-to-print document to all our clients so you can share them far and wide!
Not at all! Unlike most photography companies, we only charge you for the time we are photographing your day!
The set-up itself takes around 20 minutes; we thoroughly test and ensure everything is set up and working afterwards so please allow 45 minutes for us to set up your Magic Mirror.
Idle hours are the hours that the mirror is not in operation. For example, if you want us to set up at 6pm but the Mirror will not be in use by guests until 7-10pm, there will be 1 Idle hour
It takes less than 10 seconds to receive your print each time, neat right?
The mirror is very easy to use, all instructions will be right infront of you throughout. Your image will show up on screen and if you like it, it will print moments later!
Yes, we have a variety of props that you can select from.
Yes, the photos, much like the fun, is unlimited!
We aim to be active for atleast 80% of the time you have us booked for, if for whatever reason we cannot satisfy this, you will receive a refund calculated pro rate for all the minutes we are down.
A standard 13 Amp power supply will need to be within reach of the mirror
Yes, we will provide atleast one friendly NC Photography attendant to each event who will guide your guests through the use of the mirror, handing out the photos and ensuring things run smoothly.
All our photos are printed on the latest dye sub printers, this makes certain that all prints are top quality, waterproof and touch dry immediately.
Yes, you can personalise them by adding logos, messages and you can colour co-ordinate to your event theme? We would need you to provide us with the artwork or message for your event